TransPod Unveils Key Developments from 2023

TransPod has shared significant updates from 2023 in their recent newsletter, highlighting technological advancements and key partnerships that happened in the previous year.

Among the milestones achieved, TransPod showcased significant upgrades to the power and onboard controllers for their vehicle prototype, aimed at optimizing their JetGlide™ technology to enhance passenger comfort.

Another notable achievement is the development of contactless “Quantum Power,” which has set a new record for high-speed power transfer using a 3000-volt plasma arc. Additionally, the company has made advancements in communication technology, with plans to publish research papers on these advancements shortly.

TransPod also stated that they led the process to establish European Union standards for the “reference architecture” of vacuum transportation, ensuring safe and regulated operations for speeds exceeding 1000km/h.

Key partnerships have also been instrumental in TransPod’s journey. Collaborations with the City of Edmonton, Building Trades of Alberta (BTA), and Clean Communities Corporation (CCC) have further propelled their innovative vision.

To showcase this vision, Transpod signed a Letter of Intent with Business on Camera (BOC) to collaborate on a documentary episode as a part of WeMaple Season 3. This LOI, paired with a cooperation agreement with CCC, aims to tell grassroot stories of everyday extraordinary Canadians, some of which will follow narratives of unique individuals connected to the Transpod project.

Looking ahead, TransPod announced its ambitions for its 2024 plans, including the development of a test facility near Limoges, France, and the construction of an infrastructure test-bench in Alberta.

As TransPod continues to build their project, they express gratitude for the ongoing support and invite stakeholders to join them on this transformative journey towards a greener and more connected future.

To learn more about Transpod or CCC, click here and here.

Matt Keay
Executive Producer WeMaple

Business on Camera is the official promoter of WeMaple Season 3. WeMaple, single purpose entity is a registered corporation in the province of Alberta.