WeMaple signs LOI with Delta Remediation and Clear-Site Solutions

CALGARY, Alberta  – June 6, 2024  – Business on Camera (BOC), an award-winning marketing and communications company, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Delta Remediation, an Alberta-based leader in bioremediation services, and Clear-Site Solutions, a boutique consulting firm specializing in human and environmental health risk assessment in Canada to produce a documentary film as a part of WeMaple Season 3.

The execution of this LOI is to establish a structured foundation for all parties to explore synergies and collaboratively develop a 10-minute documentary film. Moreover, it allows Clear-Site Solutions and Delta Remediation to utilize WeMaple’s sophisticated media ecosystem and resilient creative team.

Commencing as a grassroots initiative to commemorate remarkable Canadian achievements during the country’s 150th anniversary in 2017, WeMaple has evolved into a dynamic series spotlighting stories of innovation, excellence, and resilience nationwide. In its third season, WeMaple will proceed to showcase the potential of collaborative intelligence and the transformative impact of technological advancements.

“At Clear-Site, our mission extends beyond traditional risk assessment and liability reduction services. Our goal is to collaborate with forward-thinking professionals across various industries to create safer, more sustainable environments. By participating in this documentary film, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and showcasing the innovative solutions they bring to their work,” states Clear-Site Solutions CEO Brandon Smith.

“We take pride in addressing environmental issues with our advanced hydrocarbon bioremediation process. The collaboration between WeMaple and Delta only furthers both parties’ agenda to make a difference across Canadian communities, and the Delta team could not be more thrilled to begin,” Robert Lacey, CEO of Delta Remediation remarks.

“I’m very excited about this collaboration. It’s a tremendous opportunity to exercise a Brand Partner cost-sharing and creative split. Delta and Clear-Site make for very unique Alberta stories and WeMaple is grateful for the opportunity to partner with them,” said WeMaple Founder Matt Keay.

Stay tuned for the brand new WeMaple Documentary Trailer for Season 3.

About WeMaple

WeMaple is a film production company that collaborates with grassroots Canadians to tell their extraordinary stories. It transformed into a single-purpose corporation after being founded by Business on Camera in 2017. WeMaple is pleased to highlight the narratives that showcase Canada’s strong, resilient, and unique identity. The company strives to keep exploring more Canadian success stories through meaningful conversations with entrepreneurs, category leaders, and innovators– and delve into what it means to be a member of the True North, Strong and Free.

About Clear-Site Solutions

Clear-Site is a boutique consulting firm specializing in human and environmental health risk assessment. The company has a strong background in contaminated site assessment and works with everyone, from small independent local businesses to large-scale multinationals. 

About Delta Remediation 

Delta Remediation is an Alberta-based leader in bioremediation. They use natural bacteria to degrade hydrocarbons, turning contaminants into water and CO2. Delta Remediation delivers cost-effective, timely solutions while reducing environmental liabilities with their in-situ and ex-situ services.

Business on Camera is the official promoter of WeMaple Season 3. WeMaple, single purpose entity is a registered corporation in the province of Alberta.