WeMaple announces documentary series about Indigenous youth and TransPod project

WeMaple’s Public and Private financing model provides the resources to pursue an invoking new documentary series. 

As Clean Communities Corp (CCC) and First Nations YouthBuild Canada gear up to collaborate with TransPod, WeMaple and is eager to narrate stories of Indigenous youth involved in the project.

“Business on Camera and WeMaple has a rich history of working with Indigenous groups. Clean Communities Corp is doing some amazing work in Alberta,” said Business on Camera CEO Matt Keay.

“They’re creating jobs, they’re working on some of the most innovative projects in Western Canada.”

WeMaple is set to develop a six-part docu-series that will follow Indigenous youth as they contribute to the development of the TransPod project; an ultra high-speed train that will connect Calgary to Edmonton. The aim is to narrate stories of Indigenous youth in a pragmatic way that transcends conventional storytelling.

“The grassroots innovation that happens within our communities that involve training for employment, and the intake process, while using the best ethical practices affects thousands of youth around the world,” said CCC CEO and First Nations YouthBuild Director Jody Linklater. 

Clean Communities Corp is an organization that works to foster sustainable development and environmental initiatives in Indigenous communities across Canada. They collaborate with these communities to implement clean energy projects, promote environmental conservation, and improve the overall well-being of Indigenous residents while respecting cultural values.

“These projects are made possible because of WeMaple Brand Partnerships. We adhere strictly to the integrity of the programming and maintain editorial control to ensure we align with the genres rulings in the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) definitions,” continues Keay. 

“These are unbiased, journalist-style documentary films that bring together both private and public financing to tell amazing Alberta stories.”

Matt Keay
Executive Producer WeMaple

Business on Camera is the official promoter of WeMaple Season 3. WeMaple, single purpose entity is a registered corporation in the province of Alberta.