Matt Keay

Executive Producer
Father, entrepreneur, founder and Executive Producer of WeMaple and the Canada 150 documentary series.

Sasa Dugonjic

Supervising Producer

In love with brainstorming and making ideas happen.

Shanise Ford

Associate Producer

Associate Producer and marketing student, I love using my creativity to make meaningful connections and bring my ideas to life.

Nishant Joshi

Associate Producer
I look to enhance my management skills and portray the right communication strategies.

Sharon Lin

Associate Producer

Aaspiring public relations student looking forward to meeting new faces and seeking new challenges everyday.

Jessie Dawe

Associate Producer
Marketing student from Nova Scotia. Yes, yes it’s true I drove across the country for the this summer job.

Marc Alford

Associate Producer
Marketing student from Lethbridge. Super stoked to be working on WeMaple for the summer!

James Pike

I'm an Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Tinkerer. I love to program and build cool things.

Jeff Bottriell

When im not working, I love to golf and play softball.