WeMaple is a movement for future generations of Canadians to feel inspired; creativity breeds innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are determined fact seekers, synthesizing complex social issues into short and long form video content. Taking a more mindful approach in the digital age, there is a craving for these types of conversations, the right language and understanding can expand consciousness. These films are not for any government, industry, or academic purpose, we are independent storytellers delivering unbiased stories, something new to the market.

Season 1

12-part documentary series celebrating Canada’s 150 anniversary, we address political and social affairs locally, nationally, and internationally, to inform Canadians on the issues we care about. Canada’s 150 Anniversary of Confederation is a milestone for our nation that provides us the opportunity to connect with our past, present and future, so that we can celebrate who we are and honour our achievements.

WeMaple is an Independent Project created Business On Camera (BOC). Since 2010 Business on Camera (BOC) has independently fundraised and produced original, and reward winning, documentary films and TV series.